Frequently Asked Questions about OPG Photography

Do I need an order form filled out for my child to be photographed?
NO! We will take the portrait of ANY student willing to pose with or without an order form. Many parents prefer to order later, or before the holidays.

How can I prepay?
Visit our home page 24/7 at and click “Pre-pay” at the lower right margin. Or use this direct link: Pre-Pay Here. Choose your product, and fill out the secure order form. Use a credit card for payment. Very quick and easy!

Where can I download a digital copy of the order form?
Please call our office at 360447-8318 and we will happily email an order form, for orders to be placed on picture day.

My student was photographed today, but I don't see my photos yet, where are they?
We ask that you allow at least 48 hours for photos to load to our website. For prints and gifts, please allow 3 weeks.

Why is the online pricing different from the order form I received from my coach?
Picture day prices are lower because large “batch” orders cost us less to fulfill, and we pass that savings along to our customers. Orders placed one-by-one after picture day have retail tax added, according to law, and do not have “batch” order savings associated.

How can I avoid paying shipping and handling?
We can hold your items at the Silverdale studio, if you can come pick them up promptly during business hours. Or, order downloads instead of prints, and you can have prints made quickly at your favorite one-hour type printer.

Can I combine photos for both of my children into one order?
Ordering a “buddy” shot with multiple kids posing together is one way to do combine. Otherwise, each child's photo is considered a separate product.

Can I print my digital download elsewhere and/or post it online to social media?
YES! All our downloads or CD digital files confer full copyright ownership transfer, you may print or share anywhere. If any vendor questions this, we can send them a copy of our photo release in writing if needed. Just call us at 360-447-8318 to obtain a copy of our photo release. OPG printed images are subject to copyright laws and cannot legally be scanned or reproduced.

What is the difference between a panoramic photo and a team photo?
Panoramic “attitude” sports prints are sized either 5 X 15 (mini) or 10 X 30 (large standard.) Each athlete is cut out from the photo background and arranged by an artist. Team photos are taken all together with no additional cutouts or artist rendering needed.

How do I order a Memory Mate? Which photo do I select?
Order a Memory Mate 8X10 print by adding the individual photo only to the shopping cart, and then selecting Memory Mate for it under the “Prints” tab in the shopping cart. No need for you to add the team photo, we will add that internally.

My student forgot to turn in their order form, can I still order?
YES! Please order by phone or on our website for sports portraits, order by phone for school portraits. 360-447-8318 10 to 5 Mon-Fri.